Strata – the journey so far

It all goes back to 2005, when Aristospray started the supply of render and plaster spraying machines to the UK and Irish construction industry.  The years went by and the emphasis at Aristospray moved over more to the supply of paint spraying equipment and consumables.  This led to the launch of the
Q-Tech brand – now firmly established as a market leader.

The machine render and plaster contractor was not totally forgotten.  Recent developments in the market including the increased use of external wall insulation (EWI) have led to the decision to re-launch a much increased and vastly improved range – with its own distinctive brand.  This has been sourced from a number of strategic international suppliers including Giema GmbH, an established German manufacturer of spray render and plaster machines.

Aristospray UK are now the accredited sole importer and supplier of these spray render and plaster machines throughout the UK and Ireland.  All of the machines will be sold under the Strata brand.  The UK render and plaster contractor and the HSE demand certain features not found on European spec machines and these will be made where appropriate to the complete Strata range from Giema.

The end of 2014 saw another significant development in the growth of Strata as a quality supplier of spray render and floor screed pumps.  Lancy, an extremely reputable manufacturer of floor screed and spray render pumps made the strategic decision to appoint Strata as the exclusive importer into the UK and Ireland for their complete range of screed and render pumps.  This seal of approval from the manufacturer of the best diesel render and screed mixing pumps is awesome – and is something that Strata will be majoring on through 2015.

Strategic trading relationships have also been established with other market leading manufacturers with a focus on the render and plaster contractor.  Some of the more significant ones are


Design and manufacture of an innovative range of machines for the render and plaster contractor including mixers, whisks, conveyors and tubs.

Ox Tools

International supplier of quality hand tools for the construction industry.  Of particular interest here are an excellent range of trowels, the majority of which are stainless steel.

Looking ahead

In the front of our recently published Strata Render Solutions Catalogue we have set out our vision.  It’s our blueprint, how we intend to operate.

  • To source from strategic international suppliers an innovative range of the best quality equipment and supporting ancillaries for the machine render, plaster and floor screed contractor.
  • To bring these together under a strong, easily recognised brand.
  • To take this range to the UK, Irish and International markets using the most effective means available.
  • To ensure that all of this is carried out with clarity, honesty and integrity.  Should we fail, it will be corrected.

The first two items we’ve enlarged on already.

Going out to market is critical.   We are committed to making available to our rapidly growing customer base of render, plaster and floor screed contractors all of the relevant information in as clear a manner as possible.  Whether print or digital, the emphasis will always be on clarity.  After all, how can we expect you to buy from us if it’s not clear what you’re buying?  We will aim to keep you aware of developments in the spray render and plaster market by regular postal and email updates.  However, we respect your privacy – and should you choose to ask us not to mail you in either form this will be actioned.  Our aim is that you see us not as a supplier, but as a partner – you’ve got the skills, and Strata have the kit.

For 2015 the first of our international offices will be opening in New South Wales, Australia.  This subsidiary will be taking the UK business model and adapting it to suit the unique Australian market – making sure that the range and support that the machine render, plaster and floor screed contractor has access to is correct for his needs.

The final point is for real.  If there should be any
mis-understandings, or if we don’t appear to have performed as we ought to have done – please tell us.  We like to keep in touch with our customers, and will do everything possible to correct any area of business that you’re not satisfied with.

The Strata product range

To view the complete range, download the catalogue PDF or put in a request for a hard copy to be posted out to you.  Presented in a manner not seen previously in the industry, this superb publication displays on 80 pages an extensive product portfolio for the render and plaster spraying contractor.  A few highlights from the range are listed below, to find out more about any of these or to enquire about products not listed please call your nearest sales office.

Mixing Pumps

A key product here is the Strata MP016 electric mixing pump.  This is just so ideal for site work – it fits through doorways, has an output of up to 16 ltr/min – plus it’s available in 110 volt for the UK construction site.  Another market leading product is the Lancy PH9S diesel mixing pump – this long-term favourite with the render and plaster spraying contractor just eats through the work.  This range is particularly suited to the external wall insulation (EWI) contractor.

Continuous Mixers

Small and portable that loads from a bag or 50 ltr/min connected to a silo.

Screw Pumps

Whatever – grouts, jointing compounds or any pre-mixed product with a maximum grain size of 10 mm, there’s a pump here to do it.


An innovative alternative to a mini-silo – it has all the advantages of a silo without any significant investment.

Mobile Silos

Trailer or flat-bed truck mounted.


A range of compressors that’s tough enough for the building site, 110 or 240 volt.

Wearing Parts

The complete range of wearing parts for the Strata and Lancy render and plaster mixers / pumps, including an extensive range of stators and rotors.


This includes an innovative range of mixers from Soroto, which are available in capacities ranging from 40 to 120 ltr.  With their ability to fit through a standard 2’6” doorway these are ideal for the plastering contractor working internally.  Also included are hand mixers and a unique range of whisks

Paint & Plaster Spray

Drawing from the expertise gained at Q-Tech, the QP036P has the largest capacity of any electric airless spray pump at 6.5 ltr/min.

Surface Treatment

Included in this section are the Strata DW20 Dry Wall Sander and the DW50 Wet & Dry Vacuum – two extremely cost-effective machines with a proven track record in the UK dry wall industry.

Hand Tools

Some of the best tools in the industry are shown here.  These are mainly from Ox, a brand that is making a name for itself with its superb line-up of quality tools, many of which are manufactured from stainless steel.  All are available ex-stock at very realistic prices.

Lancy MP025 Strata Australia Strata Video